Member of the year

The National Supermaket Association Florida Chapter is proud to pay tribute to a remarkable member, Juan Diaz, by naming him the Member of the Year 2023 and presenting him with the distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award Juan’s extraordinary contributions to the industry, characterized by mentorship, innovation, and unyielding resilience, have not only earned him professional success but also deep respect and admiration from his peers and business partners.

Born amidst the tobacco fields of Los Ranchos, Dominican Republic, Juan’s journey to success has been a testament to the virtues of hard work, discipline, and unwavering leadership. Arriving in the United States in his twenties with a determination to succeed, Juan embarked on a humble beginning, working in restaurants, driving taxis, and working in stores alongside his brothers.

At the age of 27, armed with determination, some savings, and a loan of $5,000 at a challenging interest rate, Juan acquired his first store in Corona, Queens. The store was a mere 1,000 square feet with weekly sales reaching $6,000 on good weeks. As they got no deliveries, inventory was picked up by Juan himself with a shopping list, in his Chevrolet. The modest store marked the genesis os his entrepreneurial venture.

Undeterred by Challenges, Juan navigated through setbacks, including fire losses in his initial stores in the Bronx and Astoria, Queens. Despite daunting circumstances, he perversered, taking risks, incurring, debts, and strategically expanding his operations in New York City and also into Connecticut.

With equity partnerships established, in 1999 Juan was able to dedicate himself and together with his wife Eliza and their boys, went on a mission to Santiago, Dominican Republic for the Catholic Church. After three years, the mission was successfully completed, and Juand moved to sunny Florida with his family. In Florida, he took possession of four empty locations in West Palm, Broward, and Miami and built prosperous stores from the ground up!

Juan’s steadfast dedication and strategic vision has led him to establish more than 20 stores spanning New York, Connecticut, and Florida. His stores, pillars of the community, prioritize service, quality, and fair pricing. Notably, perishables, including robust departments for produce, seafood, meat, and hot food cafeteria, are integral aspects of his thriving business.

Beyond his entrepreneurial prowess, Juan finds joy in the simplicity of life. Nestled. in the warmth of South Florida, he immerses himself in gardening, beekeeping, reading, and philanthropy. Juan attributes his remarkable success primarily to his unwavering faith in God, a value instilled in him by his dear mother. He attributes his business mind and strong character as traits he has inherited from his devoted father. He is profoundly grateful for the support for the support of countless individuals throughout his journey, especially his loving wife, Eliza, who has been his steadfast companion. His biggest achievements and gratifications are not what he has obtained or conquered materially, but the accomplishment of helping others achieve their “American Dream”. What he has received, he has given.

In honoring Juan Diaz, we not only recognize his exceptional achievements but also celebrate the indomitable spirit of entrepreneurship and resilience. His story inspires us all and reminds us that with faith, determination, passion, and strong partnerships, we can achieve greatness!