General FAQs

Below you’ll find the most commonly asked questions about our programs, ways your business can support, and how you can volunteer.

General FAQs

Is The NSA Scholarship Foundation a registered 501(C)(3)?
Yes. NSF is a 501(c)(3) certified organization with EIN 45-5378666.

How does NSF choose partner programs?
Through a rigorous process! When we are looking to expand, we put out a call for partner applications in countries of interest. The NSA Scholarship Foundation will have a preliminary conversation with a potential partner, and if our values and shared needs align, an extensive written application will be completed, followed by a series of interviews over Skype or phone. Potential partners also submit financials as well as references, and our team will often do a site visit before officially

adding them to the network. All of our partner programs share our philosophy for comprehensive, quality education and embrace the programming and support that The NSA Scholarship Foundation network and scholarships provide.

How can I apply to be part of the NSF network of partners?
Our most recent interest form is here, and we review it twice per year.

How can I get a scholarship from The NSA Scholarship Foundation?
We grant scholarships solely through our partner organizations. See above.

How are NSF Scholars selected?
Our local partner programs select the students who receive The NSA Scholarship Foundation scholarships at their schools, based on scholastic merit and financial need.

When will I find out about the NSF Scholar I am matched with?
If you’ve donated over $400 to be matched with an NSF Scholar, you will receive an email from us within 8-12 weeks from your gift date. This time is used to determine who your funding will support, based on your request, and the current scholarship needs of students in our partner programs. Additional information, such as frequency of communication and what to expect when you are matched, will be included in this initial correspondence.

How can I donate to The NSA Scholarship Foundation if I live outside of the United States?
You can donate here. The website can only support amounts converted into U.S. dollars. Please use a currency converter tool at the time of your donation to ensure that you are donating the correct amount.

Company Support

Does The NSA Scholarship Foundation partner with companies?
Yes, we have contracted partnerships with companies aligned with our mission and values, who make a significant, multi-year financial contribution to our programs and general operations. We support these partnerships with high visibility and engagement.

There are many companies that support The NSA Scholarship Foundation independently, such as through donating proceeds from a product or service or employee fundraisers, often maximized through matching gift policies. We welcome you to use the tools and brand guidelines on our website to further your advocacy efforts.

How can I support The NSA Scholarship Foundation as a percentage of my business income?
This is a fantastic way to be an ambassador and fundraiser! Please reference our brand guidelines here to ensure that you use the proper logos and language. Donate as you would normally, through our website or by check. You will be eligible for the same donor benefits shown here.

Getting Involved

How can I work for The NSA Scholarship Foundation?
We are always looking for volunteers at our fundraising events. Send us an email or us contact us via our form.