For generations, we’ve worked with our heritage on our side. We were born in the tropical grasslands of Cuba. Standing tall we rebuilt in the land of the free. We believe you only live fully when you love what you do. We are driven by a win/win philosophy. A philosophy of human interaction our grandfather stitched into our culture. We are always on a quest for what is real.

A quest is driven by passion. Our passion for connecting people through the magic of taste. As purveyors of food, the curation of fine meats runs in our blood. We champion the hardworking spirit and those people who act to take life on. Win/win is a frame of mind and heart that looks for mutual respect.

“Life’s most memorable moments happen around food,” Don Guillermo used to say. Today we serve those who embrace the power of food as he once did. The power of food to bridge cultures, bring human stories to life and bring joy to people’s lives.

We know our success relies on our customers’ success.